Is it not amazing that Christian was able to see NieNie for the first time since the plane crash? And could they be more gorgeous?

Nope, this isn't "Days of our Lives" but real "days of their lives". I'm hooked on the "c jane enjoy it" blog. Gosh Dang! I want to write like that!

Thank you God for answered prayers on behalf of our blogfriends! We are ever grateful!

P.S. c jane - if you happen to see this I'm a normal person and not a weirdo stalker or anything like that.

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  1. Oh my, yes! They are quite possibly the most darling couple EVER!!!! I just cried when I read that he was able to visit with her today. I, too, am totally addicted to Courtney's blog, and pretty much want to join their family! She is an amazing writer! Did you read the one about Ollie? 'Nother tear jerker. Come to think of it...I shed a tear almost every time I pop onto her blog. Honestly, I must have too much time on my hands.

    A prayer of strength and recovery for Stephanie and Christian.


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