Mi bebe bonita

When I was fostering Ella in Guatemala my dear friend (and adoption encourager) Kristi Lustig visited us. She and her children bought Ella this traditional Guatemalan outfit. This is her first time to wear it - she is truly "mi bonita bebe". I thank God everyday for the blessing of this fiesty little girl.

Ella is a chatterbox. She didn't say much of anything until she was 18 months but once she started talking she rarely stops! Here is a typical conversation.

Ella: (coughing)
Me: Ella are you choked?
Ella: Ella not choke.
Me: That's good.
Ella: Dat goot Mama?
Me: Yeah, that's good. And so it goes...all day long conversations with my little companion. Sweet times. Sweet girl.

Ron speaks to her primarily in spanish and she understands quite a bit. I am amazed when he says something to her in spanish and she answers in english! To bolster her spanish ed we have a young Mexican woman coming each Wednesday for four hours to play with her. Marianna is great and she is teaching me a lot too! My spanglish is improving.


  1. Hey Tina! Glad you hopped on the blogging train!

  2. So excited to see pics of our cutey baby girl!! She is so darling! ~H

  3. I love seeing her precious face!! It was great talking with you today!

  4. Oh she is sooo beautiful, I love seeing pics of the toddler Ella, love the outfit to makes me miss Guatemala. We miss you guys too!

    Tina can I add you blog to mine?

  5. Hey! I just reposted one of my blog entries with you in mind...take a looksee! ~H


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