Dear Blogfriends

The whole wheat crust pizza happened Friday night and even my picky eaters ate it without complaint. The Mexican shredded pork didn't happen over the weekend but, by golly, it's happening now simmering away in my trusty crockpot.

If you want to check out these recipes see I'm thinking about making that yummy sounding peanut butter popcorn right now! I was headed to the kitchen to make cookies but upon ingredient inspection I realized that I
remembered the baking soda but forgot the vanilla at the grocery.

While I would love to show you photos of my spotless home, my delectable food and my adorable children my camera battery will not charge so until I run one down you will need to use your imaginations. And you will be subjected to photoless posts. Oh and when the camera is fixed the house will be trashed and we'll be eating cereal for dinner.

But the children will still be adorable!


  1. HAHAHA!!! Too, funny! Sounds like life around here!

  2. Amen!! That's awesome! Totally going to try out the pizza crust and I pretty much love, love, love anything CROCK POT!


  3. I would love some of that pizza right now(11:30 pm)!The peanut butter popcorn sounds good too and of course I can't wait to see more pics of the adorable children.


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