I'm thankful that...

Mr. Amazing backed up all of our digital photos (5 years worth) finishing only 2 days before the hard drive crash. My home is warm and cozy even though it is cold and wet outside. My mom would totally drop whatever she is doing and come help me if I needed her. My kids are healthy and so am I. Hayden and I had a date last night at his favorite Japanese restaurant and we had fun. My dinners for today AND tomorrow are planned - whole wheat crust chicken and artichoke pizza for today and Mexican shredded pork with roasted tomatillo salsa for tomorrow. IT'S FRIDAY!


  1. You. Are. Awesome. And so is Mr. Amazing!! I really need to back up my most recent pics. My computer's been acting funny...Overworked no doubt!

    Wish we could come over for Mexican pulled pork! Yummy!! Will you post recipes for those of us who need a menu boost?!! Oh pleeeease!

    Big Hugs,

  2. Beautiful picture and your menu sounds yummy! Glad your computer is fixed!


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