These are busy times y'all. Not much 'puter time to be had. Just so you'll know I have neither forgotten you nor shopped myself into oblivion here is a picture of Regan with our friend Ann-Marie on the momentous occasion of his preschool program.

In case you were wondering about his role he was a wiseman with a deer in the headlights look about him. Poor guy. Can't you just see the look of relief on his face in this photo which was taken AFTER the program was over. Really though I could slurp this kid right up through a straw just like a milkshake.


  1. He's the cutest wise man ever! Too bad he could'nt just get on stage and tell everyone one of his 'stories' :)

    Merry Christmas to you guys too! We miss you.

    The Gosneys.

  2. Love the photo! Hope you and yours enjoyed a lovely Christmas.


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