Guess who's FIVE?

We celebrated Regan's 5th birthday with treat bags for preschool, a trip with his best friend in the whole world to lunch at Dairy Queen, then playtime with a few friends at our local children's museum! FUN, FUN, FUN!

Newly turned 5 year olds can only stand so much fun.

Just for me (and my birth junkie friends) I am writing a bit of Regan's birth story. If you aren't into this sort of thing, well, the time to stop reading is now.

January 21, 2004

Met my mom at the Bloomington mall so that she could pick up Grace for a sleepover.

Left the mall about 2pm. Contractions getting pretty regular on the hour ride home. Oh - I have to pick up kids at school at 3:30. Can I make it? Is this the real deal? I pick up the kids and talk to a few friends.

Talked to my friend Kristin about 5pm. "I think this is it" I say (a bit nervously because unlike babies 1 and 2 I KNOW what is coming and I know it hurts - terribly).
By the time Ron gets home around 6pm I am SURE this is it and we call the midwife but I tell her to take her time because, you know, babies take time.

We head to the hospital birth pool Ron lugging the birth pool and garden hose to fill it up and empty it. I insist I don't need a wheel chair and moan my way up to the 2nd floor. The nurses look at us like we are over the edge. By the time my midwife arrives I am a bit frantic saying "I can't do this" She assures me that unless I want to be perpetually 9mo+5 days pregnant I better get to the business at hand. By this time it is about 8pm.

At 10:20ish after a long time pushing (unusual for me) and some really tense moments including pea-soup meconium stained waters, a cord cut on the perineum because of a really, really tight cord around the neck and a shoulder dystocia while people screamed at me to push, push NOW Baby Regan James Fleetwood arrives limp and blue. He weighed in at 8lbs. 11oz.
In my hazy, dazy post-labor state I remember him being taken to the warmer instead of placed on chest while I chanted over and over "I want my baby, I want my baby, give me my baby".

My 3rd and 4th babies were delivered at home. I remain a huge supporter of home birth and direct entry midwives (I've lobbied at the State House - kids in tow) However, during my pregnancy with Regan I was unable to get peace to deliver at home and at 5 mo opted for a hospital birth with my midwife attending as my doula. After Regan's nailbiter delivery I know my decision was the right one.

This is my newborn Regan with my dad on the occasion of Regan's dedication.

Regan continues to bring our family daily joy!


  1. Happy Happy birthday adorable,handsome,very funny and sweet Reagen!!!
    I am one of your birth junkie friends,so I loved the story!

  2. Happy Birthday, Regan!! His Guatemala party at McDonald's is one of our favorite memories from Antigua. And, I too, am a birth junkie friend! Love a great birth story. Hugs, Heath

    P.S. Did you see the beautiful pic of the pregnant woman on Becky's Blog...maybe 2 weeks ago? Gorgeous. Almost inspired me to get pregnant again...but then there's that whole vasectomy thing. Oh...and the subsequent kid thing...


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