Guess who?

Today is my birthday. I was born on February 24, 1964.

Shout outs to...

Mom and Dad for unconditional love, countless sacrifices and for raising me to love God and others more than myself.

Grandma Williams and Uncle Steve for making my childhood really fun and for always, always making me feel special. They gave me lifelong inner confidence.

My husband for giving me letting me live my dreams and for working unbelievably hard to make my life easy.

My dear friends - the ones I see frequently and the ones I catch up with via the internet.

A few highlights
  • the day I found out I would be a mother
  • my homebirths
  • the week after each of my babies when my mom came to help
  • living in Guatemala for 6 months alone with 3 kids under 5
  • climbing a straight up, active volcano in pouring cold rain in Crocs (think the misery of labor without the babyprize)
  • our 22nd wedding anniversary
  • Carson, age 4 saying "mom, do I still have my baby smell"? and "don't you wish I could always be 4 and you could always be 30"? and him asking our neighbor whom we didn't know very well "Do you know the Lord"?
A few things on my "to do" list
  • alleviate all the hurt I can in anyway I can
  • raise Godly, well adjusted, productive people
  • achieve and maintain a normal body weight
  • see the Eiffel tower at night while eating a Nutella crepe (as suggested by my sister)
  • find meaningful (maybe even gainful) work after my kids are bigger


  1. The happiest of birthdays to my dear friend. I love you so much. You are such an inspiration to me. I wish we lived closer; I would take you out to lunch (maybe at Cafe Condessa!).

    I LOVE your birthday post.

    Big, GIANT hugs,

  2. Feliz cumpleanos, mi amiga!

    Happy happy birthday, tina!

    May God bless you and may your bday dreams come true,

    Gloria :)

  3. I sent you a happy birthday e-mail,but I wanted to say it again-HAPPY HAPPY BIERTHDAY!!!!
    What an adorable little girl you were!!!
    I hope your day was better than you imagined!!!

    Many Blessings,

  4. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, what a beautiful post!

    I just made Gabi nutella crepes yesterday for pancake day, they were great, although I bet they taste even better on the Eifel Tower!


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