Homage to an old body

Today I was chatting up the morning with my friend and listening to her as she lamented her almost 40 year old body and how the ole gray mare - well - ain't what she used to be.

I pondered our chat while I pumped away on a Lifecycle at the gym. Sure, I'm saggy with stretch marks, wrinkles, achy knees and that dang plantar facitis but I'd like to pay my old body a bit of homage.

It has pretty much done all I've asked of it carting me anywhere and everywhere, moving and breathing and digesting and fighting off diseases, conceiving and birthing, nourishing, laughing, comforting, crying. It's gone incognito as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and (ahem) it has made my marriage fun for 22 years.

So here's to you old body and thank you.

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  1. Loved your post, tina. :)

    Although I am grateful for my body, I do have a goal to lose a few pounds this coming year. Currently a size 14 and really want to be a perfect "8". We'll see how it goes.......



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