Love, love and more love

A friend of our family was married on Saturday May 23, 2009. Ainsley was a bridesmaid and Ella was the flower girl. Photos of Ella are on a memory card that accidentally went with Andrew and Lydia to Mexico where they are honeymooning.
I hope to post photos of Ella soon.
I love this picture of Lydia shot by Ainsley at our small town courthouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Lydia) Johnson
Lydia is one of Ainsley's best, best friends since 6th grade and a sweet, darling young woman!
The bridesmaids. Ainsley is on the front row far right side.
Gracie girl on Mother's Day
Carson finishing the cheesecake that he made for my Mother's Day dinner.
Hayden doing one of his crazy amazing flips. He just stands on the ground and back flips over. I'm in awe.
We celebrated Hayden's 14th b-day on May 18th.
I love the Hayden I have now but I miss all of the versions of him that are gone forever.
He was the MOST beautiful baby ever, my big surprise because we thought he was a girl until he was born, my first home waterbirth, my baby for 6 whole years before Grace.
Ella-bella on Mother's Day eating something she found in the yard. She is always eating berries, grass, wild onions...she cracks us up. What a survivor! (Don't call CPS, please).
This time it is just a cheese slice from the fridge. AHHHH!!!! I love this kid! I wish each of you could experience her!


  1. Happy birthday Hayden! So sweet that Ella was a flower girl-Did she try to eat the flowers? LOL!!I love all the pics-your kids are all so beautiful!!I miss ya'll!!

  2. Loved the pics......

    Thanks for sharing your family with us all.

    God bless,

  3. Love seeing new pics of your beautiful family! Glad you have your blogging shoes back on!!!!!


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