Halcyon Days

Sleeping in late
no alarm clock to dread
just tryin' to ignore
the (popcorn) salt in the bed.

breakfast at 10
and lunch at 2
then it's "Mom, can we swim
or go to the zoo"?

Sand tracked in

beach towels
on the floor
Dad is yelling, "Close that door"!

Popsicles for dessert
after chicken on the grill
bathing sweaty heads
and the nighttime drill

Another day tomorrow
forget there's laundry to be done
for the halcyon days

of summer have come!

written by me in tribute to my favorite time of year


  1. Love the poem! It brought a big smile to my face! Sounds like you were writing about my family!:) This is my favorite time of the year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you write that?? That is so fun! I am loving summer, too. Yeah!



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