The Olda Motha in the room

When I sent my first precious little one off to kindergarten I was a perky little 29

year old and I looked like most of the other kindergarten mothers and I didn't

appreciate my youth like I should've but we never do, do we?

So, Monday night was Regan's kindergarten orientation and I was scoping

out the other mothers (I want to see what I'm up against) and, lo and

behold, I am the second oldest mother there.

Thank goodness for the first oldest mother who is the wife of one of

our city officials - a councilman - I think - upstanding Mormons who have 10 kids and

she had her last one at 47 and she looks utterly amazing (no joke).

The third oldest looking mom was half of a same sex couple and her partner

had a Harvey Milk t shirt on and kept her arm on the leg of the third oldest looking

mom. (We live in a small town and these kinds of things get noticed).

But I digress.

Being the Olda Motha brings its own magic.

I am experienced.

I know how to run the copy machine at school. Where to sit on the bus so that I

don't get nauseous during field trips.

I know firsthand how fast kids grow up. How precious and unique each little treasure is.

How I wish I could always have a 5 year old around the house. How the

superficial things that seemed important with my first kids just aren't.

How to get the teacher to like my kid.

I'm not above letting a night pass between baths (but only during winter) and

if my newest kindergartner wants to wear plaid and stripes, well, what's it really

matter? He'll be 15 and actually CARE what he looks like soon enough.

I'll cry on Friday and please don't try to console me by telling me I still have one

at home. It's no consolation and just reminds me that my supply of

future kindergarteners has dwindled to one.

I'm 45 and I have a kindergartner AND a college senior AND a high school freshman AND a college freshman AND a third grader AND a little one at home with me AND it would be nice to be 29 and I promise I would appreciate it if I had the chance

BUT I can't so I'm perfectly happy and even a little proud to be an Olda Motha.

In fact, I highly recommend older mothering. If you are reading this and you
are 39 or 40 or older and you are thinking of having or adopting a baby DO IT.

Olda Motha's are cool.


  1. tina,

    I love this post!!!


  2. Love it!!!! Guess I am one of the olda Mothas! :) I too hold to every moment!


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