I remember this woman and her beautiful daughters from being here before. The girl's have grown so much but they are still pretty!

An Antigua street with the volcano in the background.
Indian food!

A pouty Mayan that calls me mom.
We enjoyed a Spanish/English church service at Iglesia del Camino (Church of the Way) on Sunday morning. Truly a week without church makes one "weak". I was refreshed.

Afterwards we went to a wonderful Indian restaurant. Yes, Indian food in Guatemala. It was delicious and the setting was beautiful.

Our kids hate walking around town so we didn't get to enjoy the park as much as we would have liked. They are always anxious to get back to playing with their friends here at Santa Rosa.

Evenings are wonderful here. It gets dark early and the air is fresh and cool after the heat of the day. Weather just doesn't get better than here! Warm, sunny days and cool crisp evenings.

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