The Chimaltenango market. If you haven't been - go. You won't leave the same.

O.K. we look totally wrung out (the 2.5 hour extremely harrowing drive alone will make you look like we do and that's before you do the market and the lake) but a highlight of our trip to Panajachel was meeting Alan (student number 525) the bright young man we have sponsored for the past 3 school years. Alan has been first in his class ( a big deal) for 4 years out of his 5 years of attending school. We are so proud of him!

The steps of a church shared by Catholics and Maya. There was a Mayan shaman doing what he does at the same time Catholics were doing what they do. It was interesting to observe.

Alan and his beautiful mom, sister and baby brother.

The fountain in the Parque Central. A bit risque but they are big on the mother/fertility thing here. So beautiful in it's own way and very old.

My husband brought me a dozen of the most amazing roses! The thing about the roses here is that they still have their wonderful fragrance! IDK - maybe they lose their smell in the shipment or something but these just smell sweeter than ours at home. Thanks, my love!

Some cute little girls selling stuff in the park and, yes, they too have the face of my daughter.

The aforementioned daughter. Holy cow she is cute and I think she knows it!

A typical street in Antigua. The black shadow is something wrong with our camera.

Regan Fleetwood and Luis Fettes.
Luis is the son of my new friend Jenny. Jenny has been in Antigua waiting on Luis' adoption to be finalized for 4 months but they have been in-process a total of 3 years! She is here with her two other children, Christopher and Caroline. Oh how I love these brave women who leave their comfortable lives in the USA for the love a child they did not bear.

Ella's foster family came to see us. We enjoyed their company and the Dominoes pizza we shared. They are a sweet family and I am forever grateful for the love and care they showed my daughter for the two months before she came to me.

My time in Antigua has been magical. It is everything I remember and then some. I am needed at home and my time here has been cut short. I would gladly sell out in the USA and move here. Maybe someday I will...

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  1. I love all the pics and I am laughing at you wanting the dog!! Don't forget about thelast dog you had in Antigua and the pillow top matress that will never be the same!!! So sad you have to go home early. I too would sell out and move there. Isabella has the same pink and brown outfit and headband that Ella has on in that adorable picture.
    Love ya and enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Don't forget about that shoe store with the precious(and cheap) shoes in the mall in Guatemala City.


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