I'm excited to report that I did see the crazy woman who wears everything on top of everything. She is not dead after all.

I also saw the teeny tiny woman who works at La Bodegona. She is the darlingest thing you've ever seen. A perfectly proportioned tiny woman. She was about the size of Grace when Grace was five. Now Grace towers over her.

Our sweet housegirl from 2.5 years ago has a daughter of her own who will be two years in March. I can't believe it.

The raisin bread at Dona Luisa's is still yummy.

The chocolatier moved to Brazil but someone is making some fabulous handmade truffles at Epicure.

Evelyn from McDonald's now works at a McDonald's in San Cristobal but her two co-workers actually remembered me from before and I remembered them. We had a joyous reunion at the catsup counter (or something like that).

I met 4 women and 1 man who are fostering in Antigua. Some have been here for years. God bless them.

It is possible to adopt from Guatemala again under a new system. So very tempting...

Sandra is our ninera this time. She is great with kids and a wonderful launderess. She just took initiative and did my laundry and it is done to perfection. Now how great is that?

Juan Jose cut down the tree that had the swing at Santa Rosa just yesterday. He is planting a lot of new trees all around the complex.

Ruth has lost a good deal of weight and looks better and younger than she did in 2007.

I fell in love with a dog at Mayan Families. She was found by the river starving and with no hair due to malnutrition. She is stunning now! She looks like a chocolate min pin and she has the most gorgeous light amber eyes. It is easy to get her to the USA if anyone is interested in adopting a dog. She will come with all shots up to date and spayed. I want her so badly but Ron said we don't need anything else to take care of. I'm still begging but it is not looking good.

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  1. Thanks so much for the update!! I may ask a favor of you. When are you coming home? I want to give some money to our foster mom in GC. Would you believe it if I told you that she is still caring for Soli's crib mate, Hugo Alexander. The family that was in process to adopt him at the same time we were in process with Soli backed out and she still has him. He's 3 1/2. Of course, she's not receiving any money from our attorney any more. Anyway, heartbreaking situation and I want to "sponsor" him. Let me know if you would be willing to spot me and drop off some money at the front desk of the Marriott on your way to the airport. Hugs, Heath

    P.S. I'm on Dave's computer so I'm apparently logged in as "Dad". I can't log out and back in as me without losing my comment...


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