Did I ever tell you ...

how those skinny little Grandma Bastin feet almost do me in?

and that a rainbow off our deck in the first 5 minutes we are here seems like a great vacation omen.

that this baby monkey is so cute i want to induce lactation and breastfeed him?

...how I can't get enough of her?
or that I'm pretty sure my kid could be a model?

or how I get panicky when I think about how easily my daughter could have been someone else's (and I know they wouldn't have loved her like I do).
that crabcakes made by Carson are pure delicousness and I miss him and i might not survive when he leaves and i'm mad at him for ditching the family vacation?

Just wanted you to know.


  1. I can see why they are so precious to you. Give them a hug from us!! Beautiful photographs!

  2. I'm mad at him for ditching family vacation too!


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