Ela not Ella

My daughter's legal name is Ana Gabriela.  That is the exact name/spelling of the woman who birthed her and I am happy to have passed along the gift of this beautiful name.

We have spelled her nickname "Ella" but we are changing the spelling to "Ela" at the urging of my husband. Here's why...

1.  Her name is Gabriela with one L
2.  Ella (pronounced A-Ya)  in spanish means "she" so when Ela goes to a spanish speaking country they think we are nutty at best and downright cruel at worst for naming our daughter "she".

We explained this change to Ela and since she doesn't really write her name yet anyway we thought we were set.  However, last night she comes to me with that ICY, half-lidded look she reserves for the worst of slights  (I've never seen a colder one) and said...WHY DID YOU CHANGE MY NAME TO L?

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  1. I totally understand the changing of the spelling of the name. If I had thought before naming our youngest Kamryn how close that was to the word meaning shrimp in Spanish, I might would have gone a different route. Oh well, too late now! She has been lovingly nicknamed camaron.


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