Mandarina con chili y sal

WHEN I was in Guate one of my favorite treats were mandarin oranges sold off of a cart along the street. The woman who sold them started peeling and packaging as soon as she saw me coming (golly, did she have a way with a knife). The tiny little segments came packaged in an equally tiny little plastic bag and I ordered them up sprinkled with coarse salt and chili powder.

TODAY I happened upon some mandarin oranges that are every bit as good as the ones in Guatemala! Grace and Ella and I ate them (LOTS of them) with coarse salt and chile powder AND minus the awe inspiring volcano view it was almost as good as being there.


  1. I loved the mango slices with chili and salt. It would be so fun to sit in the plaza, watch our kids play by the fountain and eat fruit from a bag. Good times, good times! I do miss our volcanos! ~H

  2. I remember you eating so many of them, I have to try it.

  3. You know I never did try this treat when I lived in guatemala. Hmm....I do recall seeing street vendors selling fruit though.
    I'll have to give that one a try.
    Have you tried your hand at making "pollo guisado " or cinnamon chicken? It's delicious! I'll share the recipe if you wish. My family loves it!
    Hope you are all well,


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