Zoo Trip

Hayden and Ella sharing the stroller. Looks like she is getting the bad end of the deal.

Ella so, so excited about the merecats.

Ella trying to be one of these (what are they?).

All tuckered out. It's best I don't think about what germs are lurking on that thumb.

Please, mom, can I ride the roller coaster?


  1. Yeah all their cute faces! Looks like a fun trip to the zoo and you are right about not even thinking about all those germs! It sure could not be any germier than the streets of Antigua and we all survived,even if I did swifer 10x a day!
    I sure do miss you guys.

  2. That looks like a super fun day!! Next time you talk to Jodi, will you please ask her to update her blog. I would love to see the kiddos and hear how she's doing. And, yes I will post the story of how Dave and I met. In fact, it was so funny when I saw your comment this morning because just last night (while helping Cole with his family tree homework) I came across our story. I had written it out a couple years ago (right before we went to meet Soli for the first time). Anyway, I read it last night and realized that it isn't finished. I thought to myself, "You should finish that and share it. It's so fun." And then your comment this morning. I guess it's a plan then! ;)
    Big hugs, Heather

    P.S. You might try posting your question about tracking your readers, on your blog. Since mostly bloggers read OPB's (other peoples' blogs) you may get someone to comment with the answer you're looking for. (I hope that made sense.)

  3. Looks like you had a fun time at the zoo. So great to pics of the kids. I agree with Jodi about the germ thing.

    Yes also please tell Jodi from me too that I would love her to update her blog! Miss all you guys.



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