Carson's 18th Birthday!

Carson Lewis Sims Fleetwood age 18

We are celebrating today! Carson is 18! On each of my children's birthdays I spend a portion of the day reflecting on their birth stories, their milestones and what the passing years have brought.

A few notables:

  • First VBAC baby - the one who healed the disappointment of my c-section birth. After a 17 hour labor he had a MAJOR conehead when he finally came out. I dressed him in smocked gowns and thought he was beautiful anyway.

  • First son to carry on the family name for Ron's family making his debut extra special!

  • Nursed for 2 1/2 years. (Sorry, Carson, but those were some good times and definitely "notable").

  • Survived a nasty electric shock after sticking a fork in a light socket

  • Has impeccable hygiene. Even when he was little I never had to remind him to bathe or brush his teeth. (However, he is really messy with his stuff).

  • Happily endured every punishment Columbus Christian School doled out. It is hard to discipline a kid who can have fun doing anything or nothing!

  • Makes us laugh and always has. He is EXTREMELY laid back and never gets too uptight about anything. That has made him both easy and hard to parent. He is like the absent-minded professor really, really bright but really, really forgetful. He doesn't think he should prove his smarts to his teachers (i.e. his grades do not reflect his intelligence) This drives his 4.0+ dad nearly insane.

  • Inherently kind and able to relate to just about everyone.

  • Looks like me.

  • Is an amazing cook.

  • College/career plans are still up in the air.

Carson, I couldn't possibly love you more. May God bless you as you enter adulthood and may your life bless Him. The mistakes dad and I have made (and I'm sure you could name a few) were made in love and always, always with your best interests at heart. It has been so much fun to raise you that I wish I could do it all again :-). Forever, mom


  1. Happy birthday Carson! I pray you have a wonderful 18th year!

  2. Oh my is he ever handsome!! And what a sweet letter you wrote for him, Tina. He is a lucky, lucky boy. Happy Birthday, Carson! ~Heather

  3. He sounds like such a great guy, and he does look just like you. Happy Birthday Carson.


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