What my Guate girl did in her spare time

Got in a grocery bag on the way home from Wal-mart, found some shredded cheese, got it open, got really quiet, ate fistfuls, dropped fistfuls.

Opened the pantry, got out a Sam's Club sized container of powdered Gatorade, spills the whole thing covering herself and my floor in sticky, icky Gatorade.

Took off her stinky diaper by herself and climbed in the tub smearing her dirty booty all over the place.

Spilled a Coke all over her self and the floor that was newly mopped from the Gatorade mess.

Ripped a big chunk of wallpaper and border off of her bedroom wall.

Nearly gave me a heart attack by jumping off of a high step after saying "uno, dos, uno dos".

Opened a Diego DVD at Wal-mart and I had to buy it.

Tried to brush her own teeth smearing toothpaste all over the place.
Came through the door singing about candy to show me the gum stuck all over her face and arms.

Gave me the most amazingly sweet kiss.

Made me marvel at her beauty.

Humbled me by saying "I yuh you mama".

Caused my heart to ache with love.

Gave me a reason to sing the Halleujah Chorus when she was (finally) asleep.

Ella's referral photo


  1. Too stinkin' cute! Those referral photos are so magical aren't they? Priceless, really. Oh the stickiness of gatorade! Hugs, Heather

  2. So cute! Reminds me of my China girl! Can't they do so much with those little hands in a VERY short amount of time!!!!!!
    Kayla Brazzel

  3. And she has such an innocent little look about her too. The poop in the tub would have put me away!

  4. Oh my! What a mess!! Gotta love her. :)



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