Fun in the apple orchard

Ella with the "chicken nuggets"

Look how big we are!

The famous peony beanie on the tired baby

All Aboard!

Grace Caroline Fleetwood age 7

We went with our good friends Lori and Eli to Appleworks. We fed goats, chickens, llamas and alpacas. My fearless Guate girl stuck her hand in every cage she could reach. When I heard her screaming and went running to see what was up she was crying "chicken nugget, chicken nugget" YEP, the chicken took a bite of Ella!!!

We're enjoying some amazing apples (caramel ones, too)!

Daggone it! The colors at Appleworks were gorgeous BUT what I didn't realize was my camera had accidentally been switched to the b/w with color enhance option.
Oh well...the peony beanie is still pretty cute even in b/w (thanks, Nikki for the Etsy tip).


  1. love the b&w's with color enhancement! very artsy and very lovely. What a fun day! Caramel apples, yum!! ~H

  2. I am loving the hat-it is so Ella. It reminds me of her flower hats she wore in Antigua.
    What etsy site did you get those?


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