College Road Trip

Ainsley, Ella and yours truly after the concert
Ella with Kayla - Ainsley's sweet Guatemalan born friend

Move over co-eds - pretty sure I'm the reigning princess here!
Ella and I hit the open road on Saturday. We managed to turn a 3 1/4 hour trip into a 6 hour one but that's another story (could it

Ainsley sings in a gospel choir called "Proclamation" and are they ever amazing! I'm not talkin' boring here, folks, I'm talkin' get down and praise God with yo' bad self kinda stuff! I love it!

We girls snuggled up like puzzle pieces on a comfy IKEA futon thing and watched "How to lose a guy in 10 days" after the festivities were over. Good times if I could just stay awake.

Remember that college smell combination of hair products, perfume and ummm....dirty laundry? Those were the days my friends.

Home Sweet Home Sun. night. My Houdini girl managed to squirm out of her car seat and things got a little hairy the last few miles. I threatend policeman getting mommy (I know - but I was desperate!) and bribes of all of her favorite things but in the end I had to pull over and fasten the little rat back in.

I'll never get used to leaving Ainsley and we still - and always will - miss her at home! Can't wait until Thanksgiving break! (A special thanks to Mr. Amazing for holding down the homefront while Ella and I partied it up!)

I leave you with one more glimpse of our weekend.


  1. You and Ainsley look so much alike!! I love the pic of you 3 girls together! Ella gets more beautiful in every new set of pics and I of course love the hair bows and adorable flowered outfit!! I am glad you guys had a fun girls weekend.

  2. I love the pictures. What beautiful girls!!!!!!! Sounds like a fun trip!
    Kayla Brazzel

  3. Thanks for coming to visit, momma. I had a fun weekend. The blog is looking adorably festive!


  4. What great photos! Love them!!



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