Spontanaity keeps you young

About 5:00 yesterday when I couldn't stand being a domestic goddess for one more second - I called up my most spontaneous friend and said, "Wanna go to IKEA"? "Now"?, she said hesitantly. IKEA is an hour and a half from us and it was already 5:00 and getting dark. "Why not"?, she says. After hurried calls to husbands and kids and "the baked spaghetti cooks for 40 min. at 350", take out Chili's eaten en route and a bathroom break we hit the doors of the domestic mecca with 1 precious hour to browse 10,000,000 square feet of cool stuff.

Here are my finds:

a floral sepia toned canvas for my dining room
a magnetic bulletin board with cool magnets and magnetic pencil holders
4 mugs (a steal at 59 cents each)
a stainless kitchen utensil holder

The real treasure was a few hours of girl talk with a good friend and you can't buy that even at IKEA.

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