FOR TODAY January 28, 2009

Outside my window
I see my girls' playhouse with snow on the roof

I am thinking about
Ainsley and how I miss her
I am thankful
for my husband's job in this time of economic uncertainty
From the kitchen
it's messy - it's a snow day - what do you expect?
I am wearing
the shirt and sweat pants I played in the snow in
I am creating
warriors for Christ
I am going
Nowhere. It's cold out there!
I am reading
Nothing going right now. However, I want to read the Duggar family book.
My current audiobook is
I've lost my mp3 player.
I am hoping
for another snow day tomorrow.
I am hearing
The Barefoot Contessa on Food Network and the sound of Grace making something in the kitchen.
Around the house
things are a mess - it's a snow day - remember?
One of my favorite things
my husbands smell
A few plans for the rest of the week
catching up after the snow days.
Here is a picture I am sharing
Go ahead - laugh - it cracks me up everytime I see it. We were in Chimaltenango (Ella's birth city). They didn't take kindly to outsiders. We were half scared to death but we were determined to get photos for Ella.


  1. That is a funny pic!! I've never seen you guys looking so serious! We never get snow days!! LUCKY! Sounds awesome. Hugs, H

  2. Did you really feel scared in chimaltanengo? I guess they like to stare at the blondies eh? I remember whenever I would walk with my sarah grace ( birth child #5) everyone would stop and stare.. she is very blond and the locals would stop and touch her hair......

    I am glad you could take pics of where ella was born.....

    My little naomi and I have a cute little saying between us..... I say: " Where are you going to visit when you grow up, naomi?"

    " I am going to go to guaw-de-mala with mommy and eat 'tillas and beans.... coffee and plantains.... and rice.....and visit where I was born".....

    Oh this girl is truly from guatemala - she digs coffee big time!

    I can't wait to take her to visit..... I love her so much my heart aches when I just think about. :)

    God bless,


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