Ella's dedication day - a few photos and comments...

"What is a dedication", you ask?

As Christians we believe that children are a gift from God. Being given such an awesome gift along with an amazing responsibility we desire to dedicate our children back to God and we pledge that, as Christian parents, we will do all that we can to raise our children in the Biblical precepts.

That's all there is to it.

On Ella's dedication Sunday our family was asked to come to the front of the sanctuary. Pastor then asked Ron to say a few words about Ella and how she came to be our daughter. Ron, ever eloquent, told the congregation how I (reverently and with fear :-) brought the subject of adoption to him. He told about our time in Guatemala and his visits to meet Ella.

When I was handed the mic I said something like this, "I have been handed 5 biological children. When Ella was given to me in a very business-like environment by a very professional attorney it was every bit as miraculous, awe-inspiring and magical as the way my other babies came to me. I thank God for the privilege of being her mommy".

Pastor then asked us two questions:

1. Do you, Ron and Tina, acknowledge Ella a gift from God?
2. Do you pledge to raise Ella in the ways of the Lord?

Then he prayed over our family petitioning God for wisdom and blessing for us. Yes, Lord, please. Wisdom. And blessing. Amen.

Post script: For my friends who love children's clothing (you know who you are) a dedication occasion also provides an excuse to buy a beautiful keepsake dress. Ella wore Strasburg. White batiste with ecru pearl smocking. Shoes are ecru ballet slippers. The kind with the ribbons that tie up the leg.


  1. What great pics of her dedication day!You know I love the dress and adorable shoes,but I love her beautiful face more!!!!

  2. Tina,
    What a beautiful day! Ella looked lovely in white...... don't all our guate babies? I think their beautiful brown skin is set off in such a beautiful starking way next to the white... our girls will be gorgeous on their wedding day. :)

    God bless you and Ron as you raise up this precious soul for His kingdom and glory!


  3. What a beautiful little girl on a wonderful day in all of your lives. We have dedicated all of our children and there is something so special about the day. What a beautiful family!

  4. I love the idea of the dedication. Ella looked beautiful.


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