Even more photos

The Sphinx. At the Louvre Museum. We were blown away to see an artifact from the time of Moses!

Ron tried to talk me out of Harrod's. It was a big hassle and took up quite a bit of our limited time. However, I was NOT leaving London without browsing the famous Harrod's (and being the BEST husband in the world he did what it took to get me there). I picked up a little molded plastic purse shaped like a cupcake thinking, "this would be cute for one of my girls". I looked at the price and nearly had a coronary! It was 300 pounds. One pound = roughly 1.50. So....my cute purse was about 450 US dollars! Grace got a tiny china tea service instead and it wasn't from Harrod's.

Yes, that is me. Gazing at one of the most famous of all human achievements. The Mona Lisa. It is just a little thing but I surprised myself by getting a bit choked up over it. It was just that I felt small in the millions of people throughout 5 centuries who have looked at the same famous face. A grand privilege,indeed, to behold such a thing.

This may be my favorite photo of our whole trip. Our last glimpse of the Eiffel Tower just as we were leaving Paris to board the Eurostar that would take us back to London. A train that goes upwards of 186 miles per hour. It was like being in a first class seat in an airplane. Complete with beverages and a full dinner. AND, a bonus, we had a super fun group who were just as punch drunk tired as we were sitting right across the aisle from us. The two+ hours flew by and none of us could believe we were back in London so soon!

P.S. This is as close to seeing the Eiffel Tower by night as I got but I did have my Nutella Crepe Chantilly on this same day. And, believe me, it was as good a thing as has ever graced my lips. A shout out to my sister for the recommendation.

Just to prove I was really there! And we didn't take the elevator. We walked up I don't even know how many flights of stairs. At least enough to make our legs shaky and our lungs near to exploding!


  1. Yeah! Photos of your trip!! I am so glad I checked your blog today!! :)


  2. Shame on you not buying your daughters a $450 purse,someone should call child protective services!!! Oh my gosh $450 and I guess it was not like the Guatemala markets were you could haggle with them. LOL
    I am so glad it looks like ya'll are having so much fun!
    I love all these pics and my very favorite is you by the Eiffel tower!

  3. Wow, Iv'e loved looking at all the pics, Europe is so incredible. We were in Paris a few years back what a romantic city! Glad you had a great time, so happy for you!


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