Adventures in Antigua

I shall try to faithfully update my blog.

It is really a record for our family but you are welcome to check in.

Let the adventure begin...

We arrived at the Guatemala City airport about 6:30 on Sunday 1/24/10.

Wow! The changes to the airport are amazing! So different than the first time I landed in Guatemala (2006).

Our driver (Jaime) picked us up and we headed for Antigua.

Dirty, noisy, beautiful, sunny, warm, happy, sad. All words that describe the Guatemala we have come to love.

After a quick stop at Dispensa for the necessities we need to set up housekeeping (and feed 3 hungry, tired and overexcited kids) we are dropped off at our apartment.

Settled in, we take a walk into town and head for our first stop Pollo Compero! We have not forgotten the yummy (greasy) chicken we loved before. Plus, we know it is safe to eat and with Ron's and my recent stomach issues we are not ready to ask for more trouble. It won't be long, though, before the memory of those amazingly yummy pineapple will be too much and we'll risk it :-).

Ella has developed a nasty cough, runny nose and fever so I head off to find a farmacia that is open for medicine. Sunday's are sacred here and most businesses are closed.

Don't tell Ron - but I got a bit turned around on the way home and I had to ask (yes, in Spanish) where the Apartamentos de Santa Rosa were. When I got back Ron thought I made good time - haha. The farmacia was 7.5 blocks away.

We met with the woman who is going to be helping us with our kids AND we met Paul, a retired missionary who has been so helpful to me in getting this trip arranged. He and his wife seem like genuinely kind people. I'm thankful to have them just 1.5 blocks away.

Now that you've been so comes the good part!

Our yard as viewed from our balcony window.

Our kitchen.

Regan playing the new Wii game a gift for his 6th birthday which was Jan. 21st.

Another yard photo. Note the beautiful ruins in the background. Probably from the 1700's.

The kid's bedroom.

Mi bonita chapina!

My beautiful blondie!

Our living room.


  1. I was so excited when I checked your blog thsi morning.I was hoping you would be posting about Antigua-I can live through you!!! I am so excited and a little jealous!!! Shop the markets,eat at cafe Condessa,drink a lot of coffee and hug Lucia for me. Is she your Nanny this time?
    I love seeing your kids gorgeous faces in Guatemala!!!
    Keep up the posts!!!
    Love ya!!

  2. I am so jealous!!! My dream is to spend time in each of my kids birth countries! I will be following all your adventures!

  3. Oh! Beautiful Guatemala!! And beautiful kiddies! Seeing your pics makes me miss Guatemala so much and Santa Rosa!! Is Oscar still there? How about Juan Jose and Catalina? Their son Jhonathan and Emerson were pals. How long will you be there? What are your plans for while you're there? Please, please, please have some chocolate for me from Chocotenango! And say "hi" to Ismael. We still dream of his chocolate. I wish I could zoom down and hang with you like old times. We'll meet Jodi and Cafe Condessa. Such a magical time! Enjoy. Hugs and much love, Heather


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