Our back gate



Our new friends

Regan playing soccer

Amazing what a night's sleep can do! After flying overnight to get here we were still wiped out!

The nanny showed up as planned at 12:00 p.m. and Ron and I headed out to explore.

Oh the pure joy of having my husband all to myself for a few hours AND in Antigua (which I find incredibly romantic). We enjoyed lunch at Cafe Sky and hit the Bodegona (pretty hard spending 101.00). Most folks shop daily for what they need.

A little girl stared at my cart for the longest time and finally said (in Spanish, of course) "you are buying alot"!

We grabbed an innard jarring tuk-tuk back to our apartment.

The rest of the evening was spent playing soccer, walking around the complex and talking to people. I love the sense of community here. I'm happy that we chose the Santa Rosa although it is a "fur piece" from the Parque Central.

I was in bed (I'm not kidding) by 7:30. I listened to an audio book for awhile and then I was a goner.

Ella is still not feeling well with a horrendous cough. Although they have doctors here I'm always a bit nervous having a sick child away from our pediatrician at home. Will NEVER forget handing a limp eleven pound baby sick with rotovirus to a doctor here. So, so scary.
Heading out today at 11:00.

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  1. Yeah!!! Another post about my favorite place in the world!! I am so glad ya'll had a great second day and are enjoying your apartment at Santa Rosa. Oh how I miss that Bodegona and don't forget that yummy smoked chicken right next door.
    I hope Ella is feeling better soon.

    Love Ya,


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