Antigua adventures

No ninera today so we walked into town with the kids. Ate lunch at El Gringo Chapin (my Antigua friends will remember it well). Enjoyed a horse and carriage ride - bought a few things from the ladies in the Parque Central and - well - I had a bit of a meltdown in the park.

My emotions overtook me and every precious child trying to sell me a necklace, scarf or table runner that I don't really want became the face of my daughter.

My stunningly beautiful daughter looks like them. every. one. of. them. Why will she grow up clean, well-fed and educated with access to medical care while they grow up eeking out the meagerist of livings selling stuff to tourists?

On the other hand - why is my way better (except for the well-fed part)? Would she be happier in a huipil and corte selling stuff in the park with her family? But that thought is unimaginable because then she wouldn't be with me and I can't get my head around a life that doesn't include her.

Will she hate us for taking her out of Guatemala? Someone was going to adopt her. She was already relinquished right? Don't want to be an ego-centric American. Other people's ways are good too.

Musings, these. Heavy stuff.

Update for my adoption friends: Ruth is still selling in the park.

The blind guy is still down near McDonald's although he switches it up a bit and I see him different places occasionally.

The skinny guy with one leg who always asks God to bless you when you give him a bit of money is still here too.

I haven't seen the crazy lady who wore everything she owned on top of everything else and slept over on the right side of the park if you are facing the huge cathedral. I heard she was a pro*sti*tu*e but, holy cow, I can't imagine the level of desperation a man must be facing to procure her services.

The young guy who "huffed" until he burned nearly all of his brain cells and had seizures while people just walked around him isn't here.

I wonder if they are still alive?

There are still fireworks every single night. For any reason or no reason.

p.s. refuses to upload photos today and I am tired. Also, my aforementioned treat was your very own tuk-tuk ride via video and it won't upload either. Later.

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