There is trouble in paradise. I lost the camera. Ron is not happy. I am not happy either and besides I had a special treat for you. If you are the praying sort - well - we need harmony restored.

No pictures today. Sorry.

We left the kids with Sandra and walked into town. We enjoyed a wonderfully tasty lunch. Mine was a pan-seared tuna pita. Not the stuff from a can but real pieces of yummy medium rare tuna. A horseradish sauce, lettuce and tomato completed the treat. Oh...served with homemade chips and fried plaintains. Deliciosa!!!

Then I had a hankering for a taste of real Guatemala so we went to the mercado and I don't mean the tourist-y part either. We dove headlong into the depths of a mercado so local it will make your head spin. Free entertainment.

Ron wore out long before I did so I'll have to explore more on another day.

On a sad note - I asked three little girls who sold me some green beans why they weren't in school. They said (sheepishly) " we have to make money". I asked if they had ever been to school and neither of the two older ones have. The younger one (maybe 7) has been a little.

I guess if one is going to sell vegetables all their life why be educated but it breaks my heart just the same. It is clear that in about 5 years they will be the teenagers nursing the babies with another toddling beside. Such a hard life.

I shall count my blessings.

P.S. Maybe the watermelon, lettuce, tomato, carrot juice and pineapple weren't such a good idea...
P.S.S. Ella found the camera. I shall count my blessings.

The Hotel Santo Domingo 5 stars - one of the most gorgeous places on earth

My tuna pita

The outdoor part of the mercado. Believe me - this is like Wal-mart supercenter compared to the interior.

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